Illini West Whitetails

Tim's Jerky Recipe




Amount                     Unit                           Description


Dry ingredients

1                                  Cup                          brown sugar    

1 level                         Table                               Sea salt

1 heaping                     tea                          black pepper

1 heaping                     tea                          onion powder

1 heaping                     tea                          garlic powder

1/4 heaping                  tea                    red pepper (cayenne)

1 level                          tea                    sodium nitrite (Curall)                                            


Liquid ingredients:

1                                 Table                   Liquid Apple Smoke

1/4                               Cup                    Worchester Sauce

1/4                               Cup                    Kokaman soy sauce

1/ 2                              Cup                             grape juice                


for 3# of meat


Warm liquids in pan and add all dry ingredients to dissolve